As a professional handball player I lived a physically extremely active life, we pushed it over the comfort zone. Working as an IT professional it turned to the absolute opposite.The passion for handball has transformed into a developing nationwide statistic system. I have lived in Denmark for a while and experienced the importance of KIDS' sport activities. The well-developed Danish social - sport / professional - handball management system impressed me. While working on the Hungarian National Sport strategy, my vision was to create something similar in my country.I enjoyed the benefit of becoming a European citizen and have travelled around Europe as an IT professional. One night in London SOHO I went into a Salsa bar. That night the music, the moves, the happy faces impressed me, and a beautiful journey has started. All those dance festivals and nights opened a new approach to exercise, I made a step forward to a healthier lifestyle. I got lost in the Latin music and dance and started to move from inactive to active again. Friday nights were a must to dance; end of June was a must to visit Croatia, Rovinj. “Be part of it”, escape reality for a week every year. I became addicted to the Latin feeling. 2008 May in Rimini I had my first Zumba® class with Beto, 2009 March in Prague I got my B1 and joined ZIN, a tool of continuing education and marketing support system for Zumba® instructors. The same time I have decided to bring Zumba® Education to Hungary. I started to move more and more, and one day I was teaching my first class. More and more physically active people arrived into my life, people, who can inspire others. Zumba® became my lifestyle. I wish to inspire everyone to became active and escape reality for one hour a day by visiting a Zumba® class. My message is simple: “Move Your Body”! The Zumba program is the best tool to open the door of exercise and bring joy for everyone, for kids and for the gold generation. Do you want to transform your body, are you ready for the challenge? Visit my Insanity class! I believe in the power of meeting face to face! The La femme Festival is a great opportunity to meet all of you and share my passion ☺